Blogging in Pyjamas


April 20, 2013 by janomecanada

As I sit here, sipping coffee, before anyone else is awake, I am thinking about how to set the ‘tone’ of our Shop at Home Blog. I think that the Pyjamas say it all! Casual. Comfortable. Take me as I am and help me learn something new on my schedule.

One of the great SAH illustrations by Canadian illustrator & designer, Diane Kolar

Sharing the Happy

SAH/LAH is a new venture for Janome. It has been a big part of my life for the last year. I really want to make it helpful and relevant to folks who want to take-up or grow their sewing skills.

Sewing has a special place in my heart and life. When I had four children under the age of 5, I needed something to do other than Mommy duty. Sewing became my night-time “me-time.” I know that not all of us come to sewing from that same perspective, but I do know that we may share a similar satisfaction and joy in making something handmade.

My first new sewing machine, over 20 years ago, was a Janome. I loved it. I got to know the brand long before I worked for the company. I have always liked that I felt a genuine connection to the name. That experience helps me to share an honest pride in our products and a belief that you will be happy to sew on a Janome too.

Before I came to work for Janome, I explored and experimented and eventually developed a style that turned into two books. I didn’t always learn or use the ‘right way’ to sew something – but I made things that made me happy. Some of you may have very different ideas on technique, and I bet that I could learn something new from every sewer that I meet. The great thing about sewing is that you can go anywhere you want with it, or just stick with the parts that you love best. It is all about making what makes you happy.

Pleased to Meet You

I am Debbie. I post as Janome Canada here and at Janome Life. Thankfully, you can’t see me in my pyjamas (they are comfy, but scruffy). I hope that you will find what you need at Shop at Home and that it is a happy, comfortable spot for you to learn and grow. I know that we all develop our unique styles and each have a favourite way to work. I am just a part of the team of folks that you will see posting here. That’s a little about me, and the ideals that were part of growing Janome Shop at Home. I look forward to meeting you and seeing your work. Until then,

Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Blogging in Pyjamas

  1. I love to quilt in my pajamas!

    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Lorna- popped over to sewfreshquilts- love your ducky quilt! How you layered in the water ripples is so neat. A favourite quilter of mine -Pauline Burbidge- has done so much with water ripples in her abstract work – different style, but similar effect. And you are a Janome girl too? Woot!

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