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May 28, 2013 by sewgonestitching

Having trouble deciding which Janome Juno is for you? Read on to discover which category you belong to and see the recommended machine to meet your needs.

THE OCCASIONAL: I know that owning a sewing machine is an asset

The occasional user is a person who knows a bit about sewing and realizes that having a sewing quality machine in their home would be an asset.

Maybe they already own an older sewing machine, possibly passed down, and finding that the machine is no longer in terrific working condition – may require repairs or maintenance. Using the old machine for quick fixes and projects is not longer convenient. It may be time to upgrade.

Common household situations they have run into would include basic garment alterations or repairs (hemming pants, sewing on buttons), making a halloween costume, simple home decor (hemming drapes, maybe making some placemats or a few throw pillows.

If this is sounding familiar – I would recommend looking at any of three Janome G models.

All the Juno G models G1206, G1212 and G1218 are excellent home staples. They share convenient features like a removable freearm, feed dog drop, 4 step button holes, declutch bobbin winding and blind hem.

You will always be able to count on these “work horses” to always be there when you need them and produce worry and hassle free results.

I know you will be impressed by the quality and precision that Janome demands – and shocked by the value these entry level machines carry.

THE BEGINNER: I don’t have much experience – but I want to learn without making a huge investment

The beginner sewer is somebody who is interested in learning how to sew and also may want to use a machine for garmentry sewing, alterations and repairs, crafting, home decor and even testing waters out with a little quilting.

Maybe this person has done a little sewing in the past, possibly in highschool or as a child –  lovingly coached by a Grandmother or Aunt. Reversely they may have not sewing machine experience, but can’t help but see all the possibilities where having a household sewing machine would be an asset. If this person has never sewn before, but is interested in learning –

Young or old – beginners alike would benefit from considering a purchase within the Janome Juno G line-up of machines. They are featured at affordable prices that customers can justify. Beginner sewers may be scared of spending too high of an investment in a machine that they may not get the use out of.

All of the Juno G Models are terrific choices for a household machine, but are also easy to use for beginners. All the Juno G models G1206, G1212 and G1218 are excellent home staples. They share convenient features like a removable freearm, feed dog drop, 4 step button holes, declutch bobbin winding and blind hem. Although not classified as “quilting machines” the owner can purchase additional Janome accessories to have the ability to get started with quilting and other crafty sewing adventures. The G Models are basic enough for any beginner to feel comfortable – but once they realize how worry and hassle free sewing on a Janome machine can be – they may discoverer a life long hobby and love of sewing.

THE SEWER: I know what I’m doing and I want a reliable and quality sewing machine to do it

This person is experienced and enjoys many different types of sewing – garmentry, home decor and crafting. Because of today’s busy schedules and lifestyles this person needs to maximize their sewing time – Janome Juno’s can help by always producing high precision and quality results in a simple and fuss free manner. Carved 30 minutes out of your hectic day for some creating time? Your Janome is sitting there and ready to go!

The ideal machine for this category of stitcher would be the Janome Juno J1250. It’s packed with top notch features – at a terrific price point. A locking stitch, speed control and memory needle up/down are just a few of the features that cut down your sewing time by making processes simpler and quicker. The J1250 is a computerized model – allowing you to get better results in less time. It’s so quick and easy to adjust your stitch width and stitch length – a few clicks and you are sewing.

THE QUILTER: I just want a machine that can do it all

This person loves to quilt, sew, and craft. They want a reliable machine that’s affordable and can meet all their needs. They don’t necessary have to be labeled a “quilter” they may just want to make sure all their options are available on the machine they decide to purchase. It’s also important that their machine is easy to use – they just want to quilt – not fuss around with options and features.

Janome Juno’s have two computerized models created with the quilter in mind. The Juno M1230Q and the Juno M1250Q come with a quilting foot and accessory kit so that you have all you need to get stitching right out of the box. No extra trips to the store – just start creating!

The M1230Q and M1250Q come with high end quilting features – to ensure your sewing experience is that much easier – memory needle up/down, locking stitch and speed control are musts.

The G series machines would also be a perfect recommendation for a quilter looking for a portable model – one they can take to classes, retreats – or even the cottage for the weekend.


I hope this quick summary helps you in decided which Janome Juno model is perfect for you. Balancing the right selection of features and functions with cost is not an easy task.  Feel free to let me know with a comment below why you decided on the Juno model you purchased.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Decide?

  1. Meredith says:

    I just bought my first sewing machine! Thank you Lisa for your post this morning – it was the inspiration and guidance I needed to make the investment! I decided on the Juno G1218. I will keep you posted on my progress. I am very excited to get started!

    • sewgonestitching says:

      Hi Meredith!
      Congratulations on your new purchase! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I know you will love learning how to sew using the Juno G1218!

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