Janome Juno Appliqué Stitches – Part 1: G Series

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June 2, 2013 by sewgonestitching

Always wanted to try appliqué – but scared you need to buy an expensive sewing machine? Well guess again! Janome Juno sewing machines are reasonably priced AND all models come equipped with appliqué options! So for a minimal investment YOU can “get sewing” in the exciting world of appliqué – for a fraction of the cost you’d expect! Appliqué is not just for quilters, appliqué is also a fabulous technique featured in modern home decor and garmentry.

Read on to take a look at handy reference for what stitches can be used for appliqué on each of the Janome Juno G Series Machines – G1206, G1212 & G1218

A note on the G Series: The Janome June G Series machines do not actually come with a stitch called an “appliqué” stitch. They come with a zig zag stitch that can be used for appliquéing. Depending on the model G Machine you purchase will depending on the customizability that the zig zag stitch has.



G1206 zig zag stitches

The “C” stitch represents three different sized pre-set zig zag stitches. Yes I realize this is called a zig zag stitch, but look at the picture below to see how fabulous the C stitch looks when used as an applique stitch.

G1206 Applique Sample



G1212 Zig Zag Stitch C

Unlike the G1206, the Janome Juno G1212 stitch “C” zig zag is customizable. The “C” stitch is available in a range of widths – from skinny to wide. One of the best features of the G1212 is that it has the ability to alter stitch lengths – this enables the user to create satin stitches – shown below to appliqué on the fish. A satin stitch is really just a squished up zig zag stitch.

G1212 Applique Sample - Fish



G1218 Decorative Stitches

Of course the Janome Juno G1218 can do the same stitches shown above, but I also want to point out two more details.

One: The G1218 has the ability to adjust not only the stitch length, but the stitch width as well. It’s true that the G1212 has an adjustable option for the stitch width (but only for the zig zag – no other stitches can have their width adjusted on the G1212). Confused? Don’t be – basically the customizability of the zig zag stitch on both the G1212 & G1218 is going to produce similar results.

Two: The G1218 comes with the “I” stitch shown above. The machine instruction manual refers to it as a “decorative” stitches – I think these work well when used for appliqué!

G1218 Applique Sample - Flower


Want to learn more about Janome Juno Sewing machines? Visit our website www.janome-sah.com for more info!

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Look for Part 2 of “Janome June Applique Stitches” featuring the Juno J1250 and the M Series – M1230Q & M1250Q posted soon!


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