Don’t STEP on my Buttonholes! – One Step vs Four Step

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June 6, 2013 by sewgonestitching

All 6 of the Janome Juno sewing machines come with the ability to make buttonholes. They basically come in two different techniques – the 4-step, which is more manual, and the 1-step, which is more automatic.

Besides the obvious reason for creating and using buttonholes – they are beginning to play a very big role in home decor and crafting. I’m sure that once you master making a buttonhole you will be constantly rewarded by finding creative uses for them in all areas of sewing.

I realize that it can be a bit nerve-racking to be faced with the thought of “wrecking” an almost finished project by adding a buttonhole improperly – but honestly after a bit of practice you’ll discover how easy they are to make on your Janome Juno machine.


What is a 4-Step Buttonhole?

4-Step Buttonhole

A four step button hole is a manual buttonhole with 4 basic parts. The machine stops stitching after each part, and the user must turn the selection dial to the next step before continuing to sew. Many people are nervous about this type of buttonhole – but honestly they are very easy to use once you understand how they work.

One of the biggest drawbacks to a 4-step buttonhole is that the user must measure the size of their button first, and then mark the fabric with the proper dimensions accordingly. This process must be repeated to sew additional identical sized buttonholes

Selecting 4-Step Buttonhole.

Each of the Janome June G Series Machines – G1206, G1212 and the G1218 all come equipped with 4-step buttonhole stitches built in as well as the sliding buttonhole foot. You can stitch out a standard square buttonhole or a corded buttonhole on any G series machine.

4-Step Buttonhole Foot


What is a 1-Step Buttonhole?

A 1-step buttonhole is an automatic buttonhole that comes equipped on the Juno J1250, and both M Series machines – the M1230Q and the M1250Q. Basically the machine sews the entire buttonhole in one step. My favourite feature of the 1-Step is the actual foot that comes with the machine. When you insert your selected button into the foot – the machine will automatically make a buttonhole the exact size you need for that button!

1-Step Buttonhole Foot

The J and M series machines come with three different styled buttonholes to make it easier to match your sewing needs:

  • standard square buttonhole + corded buttonhole option
  • round-end buttonhole
  • keyhole buttonhole

3 Buttonhole Styles

Regardless of which Janome Juno machine you own, or are thinking of purchasing – you can be confident that the buttonholes will be easy to use and offer tremendous results. Directions are given in the instruction manuals and are very easy to follow. It doesn’t matter if your machine has a 4-step or a 1 step – you will get the same results. Hopefully you will be a little bit more comfortable with buttonholes now that you understand how they work. Go ahead and start adding buttonholes to your creations today!

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