The A Foot Gets an A+

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June 21, 2013 by sewgonestitching

Janome Juno Machines include different presser feet to help you get the most out of the features and functions on your machine. The presser feet that are included depends on the model of Janome Juno you’ve purchased. Visit here to discover which accessories are included with each Juno model.

The most valuable foot that every one of the Juno Sewing machines is the “A” foot. It’s called the “A” foot because it is the first foot you go to to get a job or project done. It’s the presser foot that you will use most often – helping you tackle straight stitches and zig zags with ease and efficiency.

Janome Juno Models G1206, G1212, G1218 & J1250 all include the same basic “all purpose foot A”.

All purpose foot A

The Janome Juno M1230Q & M1250Q include a slightly different “all purpose A foot”.

Foot A


This A foot features a “clear view window” right on the foot itself. This is an invaluable feature that lets you “peek” at where you are sewing – before your machine makes the stitches. This is amazingly helpful especially on projects where attention to detail is required or necessary.

An other lesser known feature of the A foot is the “black knob” at the back of the foot. The purpose of this feature is to secure the foot at a right angle so that you can sew on and off of thicker fabric without the foot tilting up and down. By keeping the foot stationary the stitches produced will be exact. If the foot was aloud to tilt up and down the stitches produced may be slightly wonky or missed or skipped stitching may occur. To use the “black nob” position the fabric of your project under the presser foot. Make sure your presser foot is in the DOWN posotion, then gently push the black knob in until you hear it click. You can now sew your project. Once you raise the presser foot into the UP position – the black knob automatically disengages.

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