About Janome SAH Sewing Machines


Meet the Family

The founding members of the Janome SAH family of sewing machines

Shop at Home {SAH} is a comfy, cozy, creative division of Janome Canada Ltd specializing in the online sales and support of Janome SAH sewing machines. This blog is one way to share sewing news or helpful how-to’s. Visit janome-sah.com to see our “official” website.

The Janome Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan, is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of domestic sewing machines. Janome Shop at Home works in partnership with our participating group of dedicated, authorized Janome dealers to create a positive environment where customers like you can shop, learn and share all things stitched. We want to make it easier than ever to Get Sewing!

You can link directly to sewing machine product pages by clicking the model numbers across the top navigation bar {above}

SAH machines are built on solid metal frames and feature the same Janome quality that our traditional sewing machines and sergers are famous for. Although the SAH line-up offers varying degrees of features and conveniences, they are all very easy to operate. And the best part? They are priced right to offer great value that will last for years to come.

2 thoughts on “About Janome SAH Sewing Machines

  1. Hi. I am overdue for a new sewing machine, and have decided on the Janome brand. I would like to know what the differences are between models sold on SAH, and equivalent models sold at retailers? I am keen on the Juno J1250. Is there an equivalent model that I might find at the local retailer?

    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Pramodha – The comparison chart will help with comparing SAH products http://janome-sah.com/compare-products As far as comparing with what dealers offer – It would be best to connect with your local dealer. Not all dealers offer the same lines, but they can compare their offerings with Shop at Home. The J1250 is a good all-around machine. It has the convenience of computer operation and a drop in bobbin, but it does not come with a quilt kit. like the MQ models.

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